John Galliano is Guilty: Why He Can Make a Fashion Comeback

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It has almost been six months since John Galliano decided to do the unthinkable which cost his reputation in the fashion world.  It all happened one afternoon when he decided to hurl Anti Semitic abuse at a couple in a Parisian cafe.  However, little did he know that his insults were being captured on video which were then showcased in a matter of minutes to the press and the fashion world.  Today a judge ruled him guilty and fined him 6,000 Euros for his criminal act of slander.

Reading this many people would think that John Galliano’s fashion career is over.  Natalie Portman showed her disgust for designer and also he was sacked from his position at Dior however, John Galliano has showed remorse for his actions although we think what he did was disgraceful, I don’t think this will be last we will hear of John Galliano.  Here are our reasons why he could make a fashion comeback.

His Celebrity Friends

After he was scorned by the press and the fashion world many celebrities and designers backed the ex-Dior designer and said that this wasn’t the ‘real Galliano’ but the drink talking.  Kate Moss was one of this biggest supporter and even after everything she decided that she would still have him designing her wedding dress for her wedding in July.

It is fair to say that Kate Moss looked absolutely stunning in the dress designed by him and even Kate Moss’s dad, Pete thanked John in his speech for making the dress for his daughter.  As well as Kate Moss, the likes of Stella McCartney and Mario Testino were also at hand to show their support so could it be that with all this support from fashion influencer helped his critics see him in a different light? If the support continues I am inclined to say that many may change their views too.

His Designer Flair

There is no denying that John Galliano before his ‘fall’ to fame was one of the most talked about designers in the fashion world.  His designer collections for Dior were always a success and most of the gained him praise.  As well as this John Galliano his charismatic personality to rub shoulders with the right people to get a name for himself.  However the question is if this is enough to allow him to make is stamp again in the fashion world.  He will obviously need the backing of his supporters in the fashion world and we have sneaky feeling they will be there to lend him a helping hand.

What do you think?  Do you think John Galliano will make a fashion comeback or is it over for his career?  Leave your thoughts below or get involved in our Facebook poll here

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