Want a Piece of Kate Moss? New Christie’s Auction Dedicated to Moss

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Kate Moss is due to be featured in a Christie’s auction dedicated to her, which includes photographs, paintings, sculptures, you name it.


Gert Elfering, an art collector, has become the mastermind behind this auction which will take place on September 25th. Moss fanatics will be able to view the collection in Christie’s from September 21st until September 24th, however.

“Kate is the ultimate modern muse and we will be seeing her images in major museums and private collections for years to come. She has altered perceptions for women across the globe, encouraging them towards greater individuality and expressive freedom,” says Elfering.

Why Kate Moss?

So what makes Kate so special from the rest? I believe it’s her confidence and her down-to-Earth personality.  Yes, she shines like no other when the camera is on her but in real life, I don’t ever recall seeing her act in even a mildly snobbish manner. In fact, Kate is confident in wearing the simplest of outfits like her staple blue skinny jeans and black or white vest top. Her Topshop collections have been based on her own wardrobe items as she infamously helped design by choosing items from her closet to adapt for the ranges. The fact is, many women of all different ages aspire to Kate Moss and this auction exemplifies her iconic status. Let’s not forget, StyleClone gave you the scoop on Kate’s upcoming accessory range for Carphone Warehouse. Another perfect example of Kate’s success and demand over several industries, it seems.

The Highly Coveted Pieces

The auction will feature a range of photographs including one taken by Allen Jones, where Kate appears to be naked but covered with bronze glitter. Imagine that blown up in your own living room! For those who want more classic pieces, a stunning image of Moss in 1995 sitting on a vintage-looking lounge chair would be ideal. It seems the auction will have something to suit anybody who wants to break free from the traditional auction items and purchase a piece of fashion history.

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