Kate Middleton’s Clone: Anne Hathaway?

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Kate Middleton has certainly won the hearts of many out there. As well the public flocking in their thousands to come see Kate Middleton’s wedding dress this summer, which is being exhibited at Buckingham Palace, the celebrities are also in awe of her. Victoria Beckham has also expressed her love for Kate as said she wants her new born daughter just to be like her as well as celebrity stylists, such as Rachel Zoe praising her for her style.

However, it would appear that some celebrities have taken it to another level. As well as Katie Holmes been spotted touting the same style as Kate Middleton, now Anne Hathaway has expressed that she would love to play Kate Middleton one day.

It is undeniable that Kate and Anne’s style is very similar and called it coincidence but Anne’s first success story in the movie world was when she decided she starred as Princess in the Princess Diaries. However, could it be that Anne’s yearning to want to play the Dutchess has come about after her role in the romantic movie one day?

Her British accent was put to the test in One Day, and it would appear that Anne thought the accent was convincing enough for her to play Kate in the future. However many Brits have criticised her British accent and have even said it is ‘rubbish’. I wouldn’t be as harsh to say this but Anne’s butch British accent maybe a lot to be desired especially if she is looking to play softly spoken Kate. She certainly has the dark looks and the build but I think accent is also just as important and needs to be convincing – something which I think Anne needs to brush up on.

Do you agree with me? Do you think Anne is not right for the role if the movie world decide to make a film about Kate Middleton? Who would play a better Kate? Katie Holmes maybe? Leave your comments below or post on our Facebook page…

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