The Saturdays Wear Lindsay Phillips Flip Flops

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Jordi Stone. £17.99

Summer is the season of flip flops, fact. But with so many choices out there it is always nice to have the celebrities to give you a guiding light.

New American flip flop company Lindsay Phillips have undoubtedly got the right idea as their new brand of footwear has already featured in British girl group The Saturdays’ video. Innovatively called the Switchflops, these beauties are different to any other flip flops on the market as they allow the customer to change the look of their footwear without buying a new pair.

The Jordi Switchflops allow you to change the look of you flip flops with interchangable snaps; accessories that clip on and off the front of your flip flops. Each pair comes with two different sets of jems, one for a daytime look and one to transform you into the evening. This is why these are perfect for holidays when you still want to wear flip flops at night but keep your look glam and dressed up.

The flip flops cost a modest £17.99 and extra jems cost only £6.99, much cheaper than buying a new pair in ever colour and design to suit your every mood!

Usually rubber flips flops irritate between the toes, but these really are one of the comfiest pairs to own on the market today. Perfect fit, no rubbing and enough sole support for trudging over endless miles of beach to find the perfect sunbathing spot.

What’s great is that Lindsay Phillips also sell the accessories separately so you can customise your flip flops until the cows come home. I’ve already ordered more to fit mine!

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