Pippa Middleton Influences Top Girl Baby Names for 2011

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The Pippa Middleton phenoma has taken new heights.  Firstly she was voted runner up for ‘Rear of the Year’ and now it would appear that parents are naming their girls after Kate Middleton’s younger sister.  Last year the name Philippa, and it’s derivative Pippa didn’t even make the Top 400 so this is definitely a direct reaction to when Pippa Middleton hit the limelight at the Royal wedding of her sister Kate.

However it would appear that it isn’t Pippa’s name that has increased in popularity, according to figures, the name Kate has also risen in the most popular girls names after figures were announced by baby name site Nameberry.

Another celebrity which has also seen a rise in their name been searched for is Mila Kunis. For those of you that may not be familiar with her, she played alongside Natalie Portman in the movie Black Swan. Since her role in the film her popularity has exploded for her gorgeous dark looks and her style.

So what do you think is this fascination with parents and celebrity names. Well, one of the most important things when a baby enters the world is giving them the right name which will hopefully provide them in good standing for the future so naming their child after a celebrity who is rich, gorgeous and popular can be a good thing right? Well, many would think this is true however if you’re wanting your child to be unique then giving them a popular name like Pippa and Mila may not always be a good thing.

What do you think? Would a popular celebrity name be able to influence you on your baby’s name choices? Leave us your comments below or on our Facebook poll

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