Beauty Must Haves 2013: Cara’s Fuller Eyebrows + Red Lips, Fierce Cat Eyes & Nude Nails:

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It wouldn’t be surprising to know that searches for Cara Delevingne are skyrocketing on Google, but how about the fact that you guys are searching for fuller eyebrows instead of tweezing tips?

“Eyebrow plucking” and “tweezers” are both search terms that have been dropping from the engine’s users. Instead, tips and tricks about getting fuller, natural eyebrows are on the rise. Clearly, Cara’s trademark eyebrows have had a major influence on beauty grooming today. Less women want thin, perfectly tweezed eyebrows (which were the norm for many years) and actually prefer more bold ones. In all fairness, having bold eyebrows can really work for many girls as they make a statement without being too weird or uncalled for, like a risky makeup look. In fact, a bold eyebrow with natural makeup such as some simple eyeliner and a nude lip can really do wonders!

Cara Delevingne Poses For DKNY

So we know that going bold for eyebrows is one way to stay on-trend for this season, but what other beauty looks should you try?

Lips Vamped Up to the Max

I think you guys may have guessed the first one- red lipstick! A classic red pout is huge right now and is never really off-trend to be honest! However, more vampy, rich shades are the way to go for Fall 2013. There’s a shade for every skin tone and a red pout can turn a plain look into something worth feeling fierce about!

Musicians Perform On Day 3 Of The Wireless Festival In London

To get the look, try MAC’s Russian Red Lipstick for an intense burst of colour, similar to Rihanna’s recent obsession with rich red lips!


MAC Cosmetics– £15.00

If you want to achieve this look but are a little afraid of going all-out, try Rimmel’s new Apocalips Lip Lacquer in Big Bang. Having tried these myself, I can definitely tell you that they’re worth it as they’re affordable and last absolutely forever. As a mix between a lipstick and gloss, they are very easy-to-wear and highly pigmented too… perfect.


Boots– £5.99

Fierce Cat Eyes

Eyeliner is a magical thing, especially when it can make you look like a feline vixen in no time. Dramatic winged eyeliner has been everywhere on the catwalk and it’s such a simple thing to pull off!

Taylor Swift definitely gets it right at the 2013 Billboard Music Awards as she lets her eyes do the talking (although her dress is pretty magnificent too).

2013 Billboard Music Awards

To recreate a look like Taylor’s, you can opt to wing out your eyeshadow but if you’re not so good at all the skilled eyeshadow looks (like me), then all you need to do is take an eyeliner pen and wing upwards from the end of your lash line. Simple, right? The good thing about this look is that you can make it as dramatic as you want it.

Soap and Glory’s Supercat Eyeliner Pen definitely does the job!


Boots– £6.00

Nude Nails

For nails, going bare and simple seems to be the way forward. Instead of worrying about whether your nail varnish colour is more Spring or Autumn, why not go for a neutral shade, à la the models at Oscar de la Renta.


You might opt for completely natural nails with just a base coat or sheer neutral shade, but white is definitely not off the cards. It might be a bit hard to pull off but if you’ve still got a tan from the remainder of our summer months, it should look gorgeous. It might not be for everyone, but when Kim Kardashian posted her new white manicure on Instagram, it sparked some new interest!



Barry M is always trusty when it comes to nail varnish, so if you want to try out the white look, go for their Matt White colour.


Superdrug– £2.99

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