Designers wow crowds on day three of Australian Fashion Week

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Australian Fashion Week 2011

As the third day of Australian Fashion Week comes to a close, the unexpected uses of bright colours and out of the ordinary fabric used by a handful of designers in particular stays fresh in the minds of spectators.

Camilla and Marc, Bianca Spender and Lisa Ho are thought to have stolen the show today, as their continuous flow of suedes, silks and leathers wowed crowds from the runway.  Not to mention the inclusion of a wetsuit fabric.

“It really worked with the rest of the colour palette,” revealed designer Camilla Freeman to Australian Association Press (AAP).  “The brightness is just incredible.”

Whilst playing around with sharp, black and white tailored looks, bold colours like fuschia pink, fluro limes, yellows and cobalt blues were later added to the line to lighten the mood.

One of the striking looks included a pink sequinned bodice, paired with a gold and blue skirt, not to mention the green and blue suede shirts modelled with a pink tiered skirt.  You’re going to have to be brave and not worry about standing out for the right reasons to pull off this bright coloured look.

Bianca Spender was thought to be inspired by modernism and the Industrial Revolution as is seen through her use of yellow and nude colours together.

“I love the freshness that they create bouncing off each other,” she said to AAP.  “It was a pure abstraction in terms of mixing them all up in a pure, clean way.”

And lastly, appropriately showcasing her evening gowns at today’s show was Lisa Ho.  Her timeless pieces used her signature material silk, with added netted tulle, a material that is being seen everywhere this season.

This certainly pleased onlookers, as they commented on the fact that Lisa gets it right everytime when it comes to her choice in style.

“With Lisa, it’s real fashion for real women.”

Image Source: pakipaki

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