Nicole Kidman: New Face of Jimmy Choo. To ‘Refined’ for the ‘Sexy’ Brand?

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It has been announced that Nicole Kidman will be the new face of Jimmy Choo. The Hollywood actress will make her appearance as celebrity brand ambassador for Jimmy Choo in the autumn/winter 2013-14 campaign. Read on…

Nicole Kidman attends the Omega Ladymatic Watch launch

Nicole Kidman attends the Omega Ladymatic Watch launch

This is not only a first for Nicole Kidman appearing in the Jimmy Choo campaign, but it will also mark the first season for Sandra Choi who took over as sole creative director for the brand.

Choi released a statement today saying, “Nicole is one of the finest actresses in the world, who I knew could convey the empowered glamour of the brand. But she is also so nuanced and refined; she brings an attitude of defiance, strength, sensuality and elegance.”

The ads, shot by Mikael Jansson, will be showcased in August issues and have said to have a ‘cinematic feel that hints at power and seduction’.

However, the 45 year old actress has suffered some backlash from as a recent article published in the Huffington post, disagreeing with choosing Nicole Kidman for the Jimmy Choo brand.

Picturing Nicole Kidman, who is described by Jimmy Choo’s creative director as ‘naunced and refined’s is something which is a contrast to the previous ‘brash and sexy’ Jimmy Choo brand. Can the 45 year old Hollywood actress pull it off or has Choi change in direction going to be detrimental to the Jimmy Choo brand?

Nicole Kidman has a good accolade of fashion campaigns under her belt as previously she has modelled for Chanel No.5 and Omega watches, however these are more classy brands, so this project for Jimmy Choo will definitely be out of Nicole’s comfort zone. That said Nicole Kidman is an award winning actress and like any actress she will be undoubtedly be able to get herself into character prove her critics wrong.

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