The Royal Wedding Cakes Revealed!

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So the big day finally came, and while we were all happy to see who finally got the honour of designing the iconic dress, which was gorgeous by the way, I was more excited to finally see what the much anticipated wedding cake and the chocolate biscuit cake looked like.

I was really curious about how all of the different types of flowers would be incorporated regally, while on most cakes they would be made with bright colours and vibrance, but on a royal wedding cake made by Fiona Cairns, ‘subtle’ is the world, grand still of course, but classy!

As massive as we expected, we’re sure it was enough to feed their 650 guests even though it looks too beautiful to eat. Tiers upon tiers and then on a further four separate legs of cakes, covered in fine detail, piping and of course the flowers, in white, ivory and a shimmer of gold, perfectly fit for a princess.

Although if fruit cake didn’t tickle anyone’s fancy then the Duke of Cambridge had a a special chocolate biscuit cake comissioned from McVitie’s according to their own special royal biscuit recipe. We really could not predict how this grooms cake would look, but it really came up trumps.

A gorgeous four tiered square chocolate cake really surprised us. Decorated with water lillies, milk chocolate leaves, milk and white chocolate feathers, this unbaked stunning cake was also made of crushed rich tea biscuits, dark chocolate and of course some highly secret ingredients!

The Duke of Cambridge will surely not be the first Prince to have their own grooms cake, and just shows you, traditional fruit cake isn’t always a Prince’s favourite, sometimes you just need a chocolate biscuit.

Images from OK! and The Mirror

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