Charlize Theron Launches New TV Show: Whose Closet Is It Anyway?

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Actress, Charlize Theron has is set to launch her new reality TV show which will see women swap entirely different wardrobes.

Think Wife Swap with women and wardrobes! The new reality show will see different types of women forced to completely go out of their comfort zones. Sounds like a scary roller-coaster ride! The idea is that the women will embrace change and change the way they think. Well, either that or we’ll be seeing some moody women!

“Each participant will have to change her entire look and try on styles that are totally different from her own, all while going about her usual routine,” a Keshet Media spokesperson told The Huffington Post.

Charlize Theron Gets Her Nails Done

I think the idea is brilliant as it’s something unique that we haven’t seen on British TV just yet. Imagine the opinions the women will get from their friends, family and even their boss! Plain Jane might transform into a sultry diva!

Although the air date isn’t set yet, I think the show will make a really enjoyable watch. I’m a huge fan of reality TV… it always seems to be more fun to watch the drama knowing that it’s really happened somewhere.

Fashion Obsessed!

Charlize Theron seems to be all about the fashion nowadays and I love it! She’s currently also designing a line of jeans that will be sold in major department stores. Everything’s a bit hush, hush about the line at the moment, considering her representatives have refused to comment but we’ll keep an eye out for Charlize and her fashion ventures. She’ll make anything look good!

Charlize Theron Stops for Sushi

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