Royal Wedding Cake Baker Reveiled!

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Some people may care more about who design the wedding dress, me however, I am all about the cake! Of course I would still love to know who is going to design the dress…but for now the cake baker will satisfy my royal wedding fever!

So the lucky baker is  Fiona Cairns from Leicestershire! She has been commissioned to make a traditional fruit cake for the couple, which I did find as a bit of a surprise as I thought they would go for a bit of a twist. However the actual design is still a secret so will they go traditional or will they then have a twist? They said that Kate was very clear on what she wanted, we just can’t wait to see it!

What we do know is that Kate has asked for edible flowers such as an English rose, a Scottish thistle, a Welsh daffodil and an Irish shamrock. There is also going to be a special unbaked cake too, made from the princes’ favourite childhood biscuits – Rich Tea biscuits, which will actually be made by McVitie’s  but to a top secret royal recipe!

Carins said “I couldn’t believe it, I’m very excited, very daunted and very privileged – a mixture of emotions.

“It’s multi-tiered, doesn’t have colour – it’s cream and white (icing) – and it’s a traditional cake but also quite delicate and modern, all the tiers will have a different theme.”

The cake will have dried fruits, such as raisins and sultanas, walnuts, cherries even  grated oranges and lemon it’s also said to have lots of French brandy and very animal friendly free range eggs. The cake is also rumoured to feature the couples initials.

Show us some pictures and let them eat cake! Look out next week for my vision of what the cake could look like!

Image from BBC News




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