Jessica Simpson Becomes a Fashion Mentor: Will She Flop or Succeed?

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Jessica Simpson has certainly made a name for herself. Singer turned fashion star, Jessica’s has built a clothing empire which is worth $1 billion. Not bad for someone who was portrayed as a ditzy blonde on her hit reality TV series Newlyweds with Nick Lachey?

Well it would seem her fashion credentials are set to hit new heights as she has been hired by NBC as a mentor for contestant on a new fashion reality show called Fashion Star. The show will be feature a singing, dancing and a fashion runway in front of live audience every week. The contestants compete in challenges every week to compete and ultimately get investment for launching their very own brands. Viewers of the series will also be able to purchase the winning designs very week.

However does Jessica have what it takes to become a success in the Fashion Star? We certainly think so…


Jessica Simpson might be seen by many as a bit of an ‘airhead’ with very little intelligence, however she is far from this. Her bubbly and outgoing personality makes many people feel at ease which would be a perfect quality for a mentor. Also, with her being such as success in her fashion clothing empire, she almost certainly can give direction, something else which is very important.

Fashion Empire

Her fashion empire has reported to be worth $1 billion dollars. Since its launch in 2007, Simpson, who is a creative director for the collection, along with her mother, has expanded her offering to include a popular footwear range, accessories, luggage and even a fragrance.

She recently expanded her brand even further by collaborating with her sister Ashley Simpson to create her own tween line of clothing. Jessica said her sister would be a great addition to the team, “because she brings a savvy rocker edge that defines today’s tweens.”

Fashion TV

She has just stopped filming her TV programme, Jessica Simpson’s the Price of Beauty, which showcased various cultures and how beauty is defined across the globe. Then she showed up as a guest judge on the season finale of Project Runway, which proved to be a harbinger of things to come–Jessica Simpson wants to be taken seriously in fashion.

We are certainly looking forward to Jessica’s new role in Fashion Star and she certainly has the right qualities to be a fashion mentor but do you think so? Do you think the job would be better suited to someone else? Leave your comments below…

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