Kim Kardashian’s Trip to the Nail Salon Equipped with the Right Footwear

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It is important to wear comfortable clothes and the correct footwear when heading out to the pedicure salon. Apart from wearing comfortable jeans and top, the footwear also has to be right too. There is no point covering your toes with socks and boots when you know that they are going to come straight off when you get to the nail salon.

Kim Kardashian Entering the Nail Salon

Kim Kardashian was spotted yesterday making her way to the nail salon and this lady has certainly got the ‘trip to the nail salon’ attire completely right. Comfortable jeans – check! Comfortable top – check! Correct footwear – check! Not only was she wearing some toe post sandals which can be easily removed when she gets to the nail salon but this clever fashionista was holding some Christian Louboutin heels behind her matching cream Balenciaga Bag to wear as she finished her session at the nail bar.

Kim Kardashian Leaves the Nail Salon in Heels

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