John Galliano is out, now who will take over at Dior?

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Tom Ford - Image Source: Fashion/Telegraph

 Following on from our discovery of John Galliano no longer working as Christian Dior’s creative director, the question on every fashionista’s lips is who will be taking over?

Well it seems like he has already been replaced as he was left with no choice but to leave the company after his alleged racial behaviour.  Now under investigation and without a future at Dior, take a look at our three possible candidates for the awesome job up for grabs.

There have been talks about US Vogue’s Anna Wintour stepping in, which is quite ironic as she was the one who made sure Galliano got the job in the first place.  With a successful reign as editor of such a prestigious magazine, Wintour wouldn’t be such a bad choice even after what some may claim as bad judgement with Galliano.

Tom Ford (pictured above) is another name running through the rumour mills as he has experience with Gucci and Yves-Saint Laurent where he has created projects that have continued to raise the popularity of these brands.  Celebrities love him and he is never afraid of a challenge.

Lastly we have Alber Elbaz who specialises in women’s cocktail dresses.  The glamorous creations that he designs are known to be a luxury for women of all ages and as the current head designer at Lanvin, he knows exactly what women want to get from their clothing.

So out of the chosen three, who do you think is most deserved of the Dior title?  You never know, your chosen one just might make the cut.

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