Google Launches New Fashion Shopping Site.

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Google is undoubtedly the first choice of search engine, maps & directions and image sourcing for web users all over the world. But now the internet giants are branching out and joining the realms of online shopping.

The site will be perfectly labelled, and aims to bring a new approach to presenting and selling fashion on the internet. Putting it in very basic terms, is a collection of virtual shopping boutiques curated by designers, retailers, bloggers, celebrities and everyday shoppers.

One of the best features of this new site is the ability to be able to ‘shop in the style of…..’ So whatever your style, and whoever you aspire to look like, you can view ranges of clothes inspired by our favourite stars and designers; Carey Mulligan and Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen are amongst the celebrities that have already signed up for the launch of the site. You can also set up your own virtual boutique and allow other members to comment on your trends and fashion sense….. dangerous!

The site is also great for people looking for inspiration on how to wear the latest trends; panels of street photos show you what to wear statement pieces with and ensure that no one will be calling the fashion police on you!

So many times have women, and men, in every country used search engines to find a fashion item they are after, and more often then not it churns out 99% rubbish that rarely applies. This is something that Google has made up for with, giving precise results and a bunch of great extras to get your fashion style truly on the way.

As is the case with internet shopping sites, the download speeds can leave a lot to the imagination, but despite the high amount of content, the download speed on is surprisingly quick. With ‘couple this item with…’ and ‘other items you might like….’ options, is much like real shopping in stores, with items you were not necessarily looking for popping out at you and demanding your attention.

Personal style quizzes give users the option to find their own look and mountains of related blogs give up to date fashion news and trends. is the newest and most convenient way to shop online today, and if – heaven forbid- you should prefer a standard Google search to find those boots on your wish list, then it obviously offers that option too!

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