Kate Middleton’s Burberry Trench coat sends sales figures sky high!

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Fashion fanatics all over the country are desperate to clone Kate Middleton’s elegant style. First, they went loopy for her Issa London Royal Blue engagement dress which sold out just 24 hours after her engagement had been announced.

People also clamoured to get their hands on a replica of her Sapphire engagement ring, causing the sales of Sapphire to rocket. The Reiss ‘Nanette’ dress was another huge hit that caused the fashion brand to re-launch the dress after huge demand.

With every designer at her beck and call, Kate can have her pick of the best designer gear around but she regularly decides to keep things simple with a mixture of highstreet and designer.

She was recently spotted in a gorgeous ruffled hem Burberry trench coat that has once again, sent fashion lovers crazy.

The £650 coat that is part of Burberry’s Spring/Summer 2011 collection has become so popular that it has sold out in nearly every size. ASDA’s imitation trench coat has also seen huge sales thanks to Kate Middleton.

It seems that anything she wears becomes an instant hit!

*Image courtesy of NewYorkGirlStyle

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