Nicole Richie’s Style: Spotted with Daughter at Petco Wearing 70’s Flares

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After giving birth, Nicole Richie has become what we would called a ‘Yummy Stylish Mommy’. Often when women have children they forget that they can still maintain their sense of style, they just have to be lot practical about it.  Well, it would appear that Nicole Richie has done just that . Since her early partying days with Paris Hilton, Nicole Richie’s style has transformed into a more of a stylish look.

Off the red carpet, Nicole Richie always looks great and dresses perfectly for any occasion. Even an outing with the kids, Nicole Richie manages to look casually stylish. A few days ago she was spotted at the Petco with her daughter Harlow.

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She was sporting one of this season’s key trend which is the 70’s inspired look. She wore some light coloured bell bottom flares adding a vintage twist to her outfit. To compliment her look, she wore a floral kimono inspired jacket and a plain black tank top. To accessorise, Ms Richie always manages to get it right as she wore some cool platform heels under the flares, a large black hat and her trademark sunglasses.

Her daughter Harlow, looked even more adorable as she wore a light summer dress and a pink cardigan. She curly locks were tight up in a ponytail to show off her cute face.

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