Fashion Trend: Scrunchies – Chic or Chav?

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American Apparel Scrunchie £4.50

With bum-bags, perms and leggings appearing on the world catwalks again, it was inevitable that the 90s accessory that haunted many of us, the scrunchie, would make its comeback with both designers and the stars.

Celebrities embracing the look include Welsh beauty Catherine Zeta Jones, who was recently spotted wearing two velvet scrunchies and flying the flag high for the retro accessory. If you want to recreate the trend without looking thirteen again, wear the scrunchie around messy buns or at the end of a large braid to keep up with the fashion.

So the question is, are scrunchies a step on the wrong side of the line between fashion triumph and fashion tragedy? Scrunchies bring back memories of the early 1990s and these days can be more commonly found on girls sporting the ‘chav’ look, but with glamorous Los Angeles embracing the trend with open arms its hard to know whether to follow suit and dig out our childhood scrunchies or to run screaming.

For those of you who are braver than most, there are some cute scrunchies available on the high street right now. American Apparel has a huge selection on scrunchies in various patterns and designs starting from under £5.

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