Sara’s Walt Disney Themed Birthday Party Coming Soon!

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Sara’s first birthday is coming up shortly. I am just amazed at how much my gorgeous baby girl has grown. It only felt like yesterday when I first held her in my arms. First birthday’s are always special, however I am not one for holding a big bash on her first birthday because it is likely that she’ll not remember it. Instead our families will be having a small party at home to celebrate Sara’s birthday.

Birthday’s at home can also be fun though! As a little girl I loved dressing up, and Sara’s birthday will be another excuse to do this as I am organising a Disney themed birthday party for her. I suppose it is any excuse to buy a new outfit. So what will I wear? That has been undecided as I am not really a Princess kind of girl but my daughter will be so you will have to wait until I post some pictures in the next few weeks.

I have always loved Walt Disney since I was a child and begged my parents to take me on holiday to Florida. However, for my parents I suppose taking all six of us children would have been a major expense for them so we never managed to go. So although Sara will have a Walt Disney theme birthday party this year, I intend to, when she is older, actually take her there! I am sure just like me she will be amazed by all the wonderful characters from Walt Disney classics.

Like I said planning a holiday to Disney World for my parents was a huge expense, however it would seem that it doesn’t have to be nowadays as Walt Disney World are offering some amazing packages, which I hope are still around in the future…

So for all you parents out there, check out some of the amazing deals Disney World in Florida has to offer…and wait for it…there is no school holiday restrictions so these offers apply during school holiday time!

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