Halloween Party Fashion: Look Fabulous over Frightful

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It’s the time of year when faux cobwebs adorn shop window displays and sweets are on special offer. Hello, Halloween! And every year comes as an absolute chore of deciding what to wear to various parties. Anything shop-bought that’s remotely “Halloweeny” for girls comes in an array of witch, cat or devil costumes – yawn. Of course, your other option is wearing your usual clothes with a splash of fake blood for an instant zombification.

So this year, look fabulous rather than frightful. We’ll give you some Halloween inspiration to look party ready, with only a hint of morgue chic about you!

The Outfit
Black is the colour of choice for obvious reasons. It’s easy to dress, will make you look amazing, and of course, is extremely fitting for the occasion. Taking textures like lace, leather and velvet all create a sensational nod towards the gothic era, as well as keeping you on trend for this season. Adding more dimension by mixing in deep  like midnight blue or rich purples will create a palette to work with in terms of makeup and shoes.

Start with cutting a striking silhouette for your Halloween night out. A floaty black chiffon maxi-skirt, for example, would look incredible with a fitted lace top or body tucked in… as well as looking extremely sexy without showing too much off. In the same way, a playful dress with a full skirt is fashionable, and would work in one of the above fabrics. Team with some chunky heels, and you’re good to go!

Another option is to draw inspiration from the film Black Swan. Ostrich feather mini skirts are luxurious and a wonderfully feminine piece which are remarkably versatile – toughen it up with a leather-look tee or opt for a sheer blouse for a more toned-down look.

Fierce heels are the route you should go on this one. Chunky heels and sky high shoe-boots with metal detailing will always be on trend and will compliment the rest of your outfit.

And remember – have fun with it! Play with textures for your ultimate Halloween look.


The Makeup
Your outfit is sorted and so on to the makeup… and I promise there won’t be any chalky foundation in sight. The aim is for a heavier look to what you’d normally opt for, but still looking classic and sexy. No Uncle Fester here, thank you very much.

For me personally, I love a smokey-eyed look and so Halloween is the ultimate time to really go all out with the eyeliner. If it’s the eyes you want to focus on, I think heavy eye-makeup in greys and black are the most striking. Teamed with some individual eyelashes at the outer corner of your eyes add a bit of va-va-voom without looking over the top. A bit of natural blush and a nude lip complete the look.

Fancy drawing attention to your lips? Dark berry stains and lipsticks look incredible against an otherwise natural face, and again, follow with the theme of Halloween. A hint of mascara with rich, colourful lips is easy to do and doesn’t take too much effort to touch-up if need be!

The Hair
Likewise with makeup, you could go two ways here. Backcombed into infinity is one option – messy updo’s always look cute and not too try-hard. It will also keep the hair of your face for your makeup to be admired!

The other direction is super-sleek and glossy. Straightened hair a la Wednesday Adams has a mysterious edge, keeping your parting ruler straight and not a split end in sight. A slicked back ponytail also look amazing – you can buy leather hair ties for a look straight from the catwalk.

And if you’re really dedicated? The dip-dye trend is going to be around for a while longer and is a quirky way to modernise your look! Look around for some colours that will work, and you’ll be happy with after Halloween’s done!

…And finally, jewellery. Vintage pieces (or at least, fake vintage) would work brilliantly for the occasion. Necklaces with intricate detailing are easy to get hold of on the high-street, and look far more expensive than they actually are. More is definitely more in this instance – drape yourselves in strings of pearls and rings. Or try some gothic glamour – rhinestone covered skulls, crucifixes and celtic designs at the ready…!

We hope this gives you a little inspiration for the Halloween period. Be sure to let us know how you get on, or gives us some ideas of your own!

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