Twiggy Designs Collection for M&S Women

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Stick thin looks, boyishly short haircut and dark eyelashes can only be a description of one very well known model who took the world by storm in the 1960’s. Have you guessed it yet? Yes, you’re right, Twiggy! Almost 50 years, when Twiggy first started her modelling career she is back in the fashion industry but this time she designing clothes for M&S.

Now call me sceptical but I have seen this scenario before. Celebrities stamping their signature on clothes that they haven’t even the foggiest about and all the blood, sweat and tears is down to the design team who sits quietly behind the scenes. Well, you can think again with Ms Twiggy over here! Not only can Twiggy sew from a very early age but whilst checking out her video below about her new collection for M&S, you can actually see that her passion about her clothes she has designed oozes out of her. She talks you through every cut and seam like any designer would about their range.

Also, it would appear her talents don’t only stretch to sewing but knitting too. In a recent interview about her clothes on the M&S blog, she told them “I was obsessed, I had a knitting machine in the ’70s and I was living half in London, half in Los Angeles so I used to carry it on the plane, can you imagine today? All that metal!”

Twiggy’s collection is a lot more versatile than her ‘Twiggy Dresses’ from 1967 and appeals to a much more wider audience. The Twiggy range is only available exclusively online, and includes her style staples, like tailored jackets and easy-to-wear dresses.

So with all these fashion credentials under her belt as well as her experience in the modelling industry, we will certainly be expecting her collection to fly off the shelves. Prices range from £12.50 for a T-shirt to £79.00 for the sequin jacket. I personally have my eye on the sequin jacket…so which is your favourite from the collection?

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