GQ names Jared Leto as World’s Worst Dressed Man

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Every celebrity has their own unique sense of style and none of them want to end up on any ‘worst-dressed’ lists that are created at the end of every year.

Unfortunately, the best and worst dressed lists are continually created and it’s inevitable that someone will be listed at the ‘worst-dressed’ celeb of the year. This year, that title is awarded to 30 Seconds To Mars front-man, Jared Leto.

He’s known for his quirky sense of style which comes with being the front-man of a rock band and in the past year he has been spotted wearing strange skirts, mesh tops and unflattering vests. GQ magazine officially named him as the ‘worst-dressed man in the world,’ saying that he has looked “extravagantly terrible” throughout the year.

On their official website, GQ have compiled a gallery of his worst looks, commenting on his various fashion choices. “Leto’s always the most wealthy-looking homeless person in the room, hence the drug rug, rainbow-puke gauntlets, recycled emo kid-jeans, and patent raver sneaks,” they say.

What do you think of Jared Leto’s style? Do you think he deserves the honour of being the worst dressed man in the world?

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