Kate Middleton’s Hair Secret for Luscious Locks Revealed!

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I have naturally brown hair like Kate Middleton’s however I am super envious of the fact that her hair looks gorgeous tamed and glamorous whereas mine sometimes looks little dry and dull.

As Kate is always in the public eye it is important for her to her look her best and although we would like to assume her glossy, healthy looking tresses are all down to genetics I’m afraid even she has to do some healthy maintenance to get her hair looking her best. As they say the women’s crown is her hair, and as a Royal Duchess she would certainly need to uphold that idea so what does she do?

Part of her regime involves a trip to the salon every eight weeks. To get the correct colour in her hair she has her long locks tinted in an organic vegetable dye, so that her hair isn’t filled with horrible chemicals or synthetic ingredients which can often ruin the shine of dark hair.

As well as visiting Richard Ward Hair & Metrospa every eight weeks for her hair dye treatment she also books herself in for a long condition and blow dry. She keeps her long hair conditioned by having Richard Ward’s Infusion Blow Dry: Everyday Keratin Infusion, £6.95. The multi-vitamin complex is applied to the hair before blow-drying; the heat helps to infuse the active ingredients deep down into the hair shaft leaving it super glossy.

Kate also loves Kerastase Rituals – the in-salon treatment range can do anything from tame hair and define curls, to add volume or strengthen. At home she uses Kerastase shampoo and conditioner for dry hair.

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