Did you know leopard cubs are the new fashion accessory?

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Image Source: hipsterchic.com

So it’s no secret that leopard print items are returning to our catwalks and shop aisles this season.  Whether it be in the form of stiletto heels, dresses, coats or scarves, we can’t seem to get enough of the highly accessible craze.

Well, not all of us.  Would you believe some designers are actually going as far as wanting to replace the print for the real thing?  That’s right; leopard cubs are thought to become the next fashion accessory.

French jeweller Cartier is just one of many labels who have opted to replace models donning prints and their new, dazzling diamond collections for baby leopards who immediately draw your eyes to their adorable presence.

Having animals fronting such campaigns are bound to get mixed reviews from the public where issues of fur are concerned.  Especially now the real thing is rumoured to be the most recent highly demanded item at photo shoots.

But whether you are for or against real fur being used in fashion, I’m sure we’ll all be tempted to add a few print inspired pieces to our wardrobes this season.

Happy shopping.

Image Source: hipsterchic.com

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