Lady Gaga’s Dress at the Music VMA 2011: Will She Wear a Bag of Bones?

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The MTV Video Music Awards 2011 will take place on 28th of August and as every gets ready for one of the biggest Video Music events of the year, ears are certainly going to be focused on the music but the eyes will be firmly placed on the fashion.

One celebrity music artist which we are most looking forward to don the MTV VMA red carpet will be Lady Gaga! Remember back to her famous meat dress last year? She was covered head to toe in meat. The meat dress caused an uproar amongst animal rights activists however, The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame announced that they would be exhibited at the Cleveland museum.

So with such as outrageous dress for last years VMA, how will Lady Gaga manage to top this off? Well, it wouldn’t come as a surprise ifLady Gaga is seen wearing something even more eccentric to suit her personality, and there are already people speculating on what she could wear.

According to E-Online, online retailer of BBQ meats and sauces, has offered Lady Gaga $500,000 to wear their bag-of-bones dress created by them. The retailer has teamed up with a well known fashion designer to design the dress for Miss Gaga and obviously will provide the produce!

PigofTheMonth CEO Lea Richards says, “it weighs a modest 12 pounds” and added “[Gaga] will still be able to move in a normal fashion”.

It hasn’t been confirmed whether Lady Gaga will wear the dress for the Awards ceremony but the company have confirmed that the dress will be auctioned off to benefit Bones for Hunger, so if anything it will be going to a good cause!

Do you think Lady Gaga will wear a Bag of Bones Dress or can we see her wearing something even more outrageous like Snakes or even Spiders or if you are an animal lover do you think Lady Gaga should scrap the dead meat and bones idea?  Vote for your favourite in our Facebook Poll!

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  • Soapy Johnson

    This year, an outfit made of 50 strategically placed potatoes but you’ll only be able to count 49.

  • sickofgaga

    The question is, does anybody actually care. I’m fed up with people giving Lady Gaga the attention she quite clearly doesn’t deserve.

  • lil monster


  • nasser

    gaga we love i hope that u will gonna wear ahumen leather i love s much
    with out lady gaga vma is nothing