Dakota Fanning Models for Marc Jacobs New Oh, Lola Fragrance

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Dakota Fanning is high up there in the list of well known-child stars, although she’s no longer much of a child anymore, but she’s had more success in her short 17 years than many actresses have had in their life-time. Dakota’s breakthrough performance came in ‘I Am Sam,’ which was released back in 2001 and her career has reached unbelievable heights. She’s even appeared in the biggest vampire movie of the decade, Twilight.

Dakota has even lent her career advise to her little sister Elle who is now one of the up-and-coming Hollywood stars. While Elle basks in the lime-light, Dakota has taken to a spot of modelling, appearing as the new face of Marc Jacob’s new fragrance, Oh Lola.

The new fragrance includes hints of raspberry, pear, magnolia, vanilla and is the sister perfume to Marc Jacob’s Lola. Dakota’s sweet nature is said to represent the fruity notes of the fragrance and when it’s creator, Jacobs, was considering which celeb would front his new advertising campaign, Dakota was the first person to spring to mind. Talking to WWD, Jacobs said: “I’ve been a big fan of Dakota since the first time I saw her in a movie. When we were speaking about who to use in the Oh, Lola fragrance ads — I had recently seen The Runaways. Dakota was in it, and I knew she could be this contemporary Lolita, seductive yet sweet.”

Oh, Lola will debut at Bloomingdale’s stores priced between $48-$88 depending on sizing. From August, the campaign will feature in top fashion magazines and the fragrance will reach stores nationwide.

*Image courtesy of MarcJacobs.com via PeopleStyleWatch

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  • Mel_M

    Dakoata as Lolita? That’s a bizarre idea; Lolita was just a kid–she was 12 1/2. The story wasn’t about a girl anywhere near as old as Dakota. I’m a huge fan of Dakota’s and I’m ok with her doing a photo with a sexy edge on it(she’s not a kid anymore–17 1/2 in August); however, it looks to me like a 17 year old Lolita is absurd in concept. Putting the photo out with loose “Lolita” talk just makes no sense. Will women customers really be attracted by this “Lolita” pitch? Only pervs would want a 12 1/2 year old kid in the photo; changing the girl to 17 just changes the thing from gross to ridiculous. BTW, people are reading all manner of vulgarity into the photo that I just don’t see. News falash; its ok to associate sexuality with perfume.