Top Space Saving Tips for a Small Bedroom

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Not all of us are fortunate enough to have a large bedroom so it is often about making the most of our space if our sleeping quarters are very small. However, smaller spaces do not mean you have to compromise on things such as furniture. It is all about being clever and making the most of the space you have. Here are some of our helpful tips for you to consider when decorating and reorganising your small bedroom:

1. Think Stripes Stripes can often help give the illusion that you are in a bigger space then you are.  Vertical stripes can help your room appear taller than it is (perfect for a loft conversion) and horizontal stripes can make the room look wider.

2. Plain Flooring Busy patterns on your floor can make a room look even smaller so try to go for a plain light carpet or flooring to open up the room.

3. Mirror Mirror Although this is the most obvious, many people forget that adding mirrors to a room gives it a sense of more space. Trying placing the mirror above the bed or maybe adding mirrored wardrobes and you will see the results instantly.

4. Sleek Blinds Curtains can sometimes make a room fussy and smaller so instead go for some sleek blinds which don’t overpower the look of the room.

5. Fitted Wardrobes Wardrobes can be a bit of a hassle.  Fitted wardrobes are an option as they can ensure that you make use of every possible space which is great for a loft.

6. Cornered/Sliding Wardrobes What if you don’t have the money to invest in fitted wardrobes?  Well, if you’re on a budget and then consider free standing sliding wardrobes which take up no extra space.  Another option is to consider corner wardrobes which allows you to get all the storage space you need as well as making use of every possible space.

7. Focus on Your Bed A small bedroom doesn’t mean you can’t have a focal point.  Often we think a focal point should be something different but as space is limited you may have to consider a more functional piece in your bedroom such as your bed so consider adding a large headboard to give it that boutique look.

8. Bed with Storage When space saving, it is all about making sure you make use of all the space possible.  Notice the space you have under your bed?  Try and get a bed with under bed storage.  I have it in my room to store the endless amount of shoes I have.  You could however use it to store other things such as towels and bed linen.

Think you have some more space saving tips for a small bedroom?  Leave us your comments below or let us know in our Facebook poll which one is your favourite

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