Topshop Meets Microsoft Kinect to Create a Virtual Fitting Room

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I love shopping but one thing I hate is having to queue up outside a changing room. Often I have bought clothes without trying them on as I have waited impatiently to get to the fitting room.

Well this might be a thing of the past as International clothes retailer Topshop has created an augmented fitting room in it’s Moscow store using Microsoft Kinect. The service allows shoppers to try on clothes without having to go to the changing rooms.

The fitting room has been built by a Russian Agency and uses Microsoft Kinect and augmented reality to let buyers try on clothes without actually entering a fitting room. The way it works is that it recognises a human body, and then superimposes 3D models of the clothing which the customer might be interested in buying.

Like any piece of technology there are things which need to be ironed out before it hits the mainstream, however imagine shopping without having to try anything on. I know for a lot of people it would make shopping a whole lot easier experience. The only downside to this is of course the fitting of the clothing. As clothing sizes are different for various retailers would a service like this give you a true indication of how well a piece of clothing fits?

Watch the video below to judge for yourselves:


What do you think of the Topshop augmented reality fitting room? Can you see this being the future of shopping? Leave your comments below…

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  • Rachel

    Think this is quite a good idea – next week I am going to a 3d body scanner that is in Newcastle for Fashion Week. Don’t think this one will try clothes on me but it supposedly will give me exact size and proportions!!!