Atomic Floyd Mini Darts Headphones

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On some occasions, technology products can cross over into the fashion and style world, which is no exception for these brand new, sleek Atomic Floyd Mini Dart headphones. In striking red, black and silver with 24 carat gold connections, these are the height of sophistication for anyone after something with a little more class. Beautifully packaged in the same colour scheme, these ooze luxury.

With a fabric covered wire to eliminate the dreaded tangles, these are practical as well as fashionable. They also come with three sets of soundproof silicone ear tips in different sizes to ensure you get a snug, comfortable fit. ‘Two way noise isolation’ means that you hear every single word and note, whilst the background noise is blocked out and others can’t hear your music as there are no leaks.

The Mini Darts deliver brilliant sound quality and clarity for such a small pair of headphones, and the bass is rich and deep, allowing you to hear notes you didn’t hear before using them.

They are compatible with iPhone, iPad, iPod, Blackberry amongst other things, and also include an airplane adapter, meaning you can listen to your music on the go without disturbing anyone else.

On the Atomic Floyd site, these state of the art headphones are described as “Made in metal. Meant for music. Must be worn to be believed.” This is definitely true, as these just have to be tried out, as words can’t do wonders for them.

Perfect for the avid music fan, who likes their music loud and clear, these will not disappoint. Retailing at £149.00, Atomic Floyd Mini Darts are THE headphones to own if you want something that is simple, chic, stylish whilst still being discreet and most importantly, has fantastic sound quality.

Available to purchase directly from Atomic Floyd, or alternatively from The Apple Store.

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