Father’s Day Gifts And Gadgets

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So it’s that time of year again, mum’s had her day…now it’s time for dad’s! If you don’t have much spare time and need to shop online then you have enough time to do it now so don’t panic! But I wouldn’t leave it too late unless you can go and pick items up from the store. So, dads…they can be quite difficult to buy for at times, some like gadgets, boys toys, grooming essentials or even experiences. We’ll try to help you find something perfect.


For The Videoing Obsessed Dad

Does your dad love documenting everything and even puts you to shame with Facebook video uploads? Then set him up with his own video recorder, they’re tiny and can be taken everywhere, a far cry from those massive ones you used to see dads carrying around with them with the huge fluffy microphone on. Luckily technology is far less embarrassing with this Kodak Mini Video Recorder from Firebox. For only £52.99 you store up to 16 gb of data with the right card and it’s even waterproof up to 3m so it should withstand the odd splash of beer. This is a great little gadget to help build family memories, many of which may still be embarrassing!


For The Pool Playing Dad

Does your dad love pool, but has no space (or funds) for a full blown pool table? Tired of having to go to the pub all of the time to play? (well…probably not!) then you can help him out by getting him this desktop sized table for Father’s Day. This is a great boys toy, it means you can play too! It will keep all of the men in your house busy and out of your way, perfect for when Gossip Girl is on! And they best thing? They will actually genuinely love it! Comes inclusive of a full set of ball, two high quality wooden cues, triangle, chalk and even a brush to help keep the surface clean. Buy it for £16.99 from Play.com.


The ‘Never Grew Up’ Dad

We all have them, dads that hogged the games consoles and even beat you at them, these days they’re glued to the F1 and dream of owning fast cars. Now you can help them relieve a bit of their youth with this Carrera Mario Cart Racing  1/43 scale race set. Includes Mario kart, Wario kart, mains transformer, 2 speed controllers, high banked curves, fly-over, 2 spirals, chicane, supports, guardrails and over 6.2 metres of track. You can’t deny, it looks like a bit of fun…get it from Next for £60.

The Pampered Dad

We’re all about the metrosexual, and while men are great at doing a lot of the physical work, they do also like to relax at the end of the day, some still can’t be talked around to a bit of exfoliation but some do like a bit of a massage, and this saves you from having to do it! This Shiatsu Massager from Menkind for £49.99 will be the answer to his prayers, and yours! It straps to most chairs, even a car seat. It’ll make his day…and you can have a cheeky borrow when he’s not looking – win win!


The DareDevil Dad

Or even for a dad who needs a bit of excitement injected into them to feel young again! Want them to try something new? Want to go with them? Then have a look at this experience day for two….indoor skydiving! Not all of us like the actual thought of jumping out of a plane, so this is a safe alternative where you can see the ground beneath you in a special wind tunnel. You get two indoor skydives and even a DVD to remember the event. This is a great gift for the dads who have everything and deserve a bit of fun. Treat him for £49 from Buy A Gift.


Image from Firebox, Play, Next, Menkind and Buy A Gift.

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