CuteCircuit Reveals the Cell Phone Little Black Dress

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Hundreds of new mobile phones are popping up in stores everyday but fashion company CuteCircuit have devised one that is bound to get heads turning. The Little Black Dress that doubles as a mobile phone.

The M-Dress is a dark, richly textured, form-fitting silk jersey dress that you pop your sim-card into the label and it allows you to receive, and even make, phone calls directly from your dress.

It was designed after the company realised the huge number of calls that are missed whilst fishing around our bags for our phones when they are ringing.

Coming to stores in 2011 the garment and works via an antenna that is stitched into the hem at the bottom of the dress. It has ‘gesture recognition software’, which means that simple actions like lifting your hand to your head can answer an incoming call and dropping your arm ends it – let’s just hope the call isn’t too long as our arms might start to ache!

One of the restrictions this dress has is it can only dial a few pre-entered numbers, but you can set each contact with its own ringtone – making you a walking jukebox of sorts.

All we need now is one that can either SMS or we can Facebook on and the world really will be at our fingertips!

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