Royal Wedding Tea Party Cupcakes

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Tea parties are a very popular choice for celebration of the big day at the moment,  and while some may be tucking into piles of sausage rolls, pork pies and everything savoury, we thought it was time to showcase some simple and sweet royal wedding inspired cupcakes.

Luckily good seasonal fruit is readily available through spring, and even luckier they are in royal colour, perfect for ingredients and decoration. Aiming for tradition I made the classic Victoria Sponge mix as a base for the cupcakes, splitting half of the mixture I added blueberries to one half, and a few blobs of raspberry jam in the other.

Topping them with crisp white icing I adde blueberries and raspberries to the top to carry on the flavours, they also then looked even more patriotic by adding some cake flags in the form of Union Jacks! Perfectly cute, sweet, regal and perfect for a tea party. Using a gingham patterned cupcake case also completes the look. You can be extra picky and add some ribbon bows to the cases like I have, they just help bring the colours together, they’re really simple to do and really give them the profesional look! All of these extra bits can be bought form your local supermarkets…or you can always cheat and buy them ready made – no one will know!

Macaroons are also great to make for tea parties. These meringue like treats can be made into any colour you want, so maybe some red or even blue? They’ll brighten up any table, they can be tricky to make so luckily they can be easily bought!

A tea party is of course not complete without the perfect crockery such as the commemorative plates and mug featured in the picture, both bought from Tesco, the plate is £5 and the mug is £2.  The cardboard cupcake stand is featured in an earlier post and can be bought in a pack of two from Delights for £8.99.m.

It’s always a nice touch to have fresh flowers on the table, I used daffodils as they are perfect for the season, however you can always add a British touch and some romance with some red roses or tulips.

Vintage cutlery, if you have it is a great feature, it really helps add an elegant angle and with bring some old-fashioned atmosphere to the party. If you don’t have it you can just fake it, lots of stores do some great imitations for bargain prices.  Always have a crisp white tablecloth, it will help all of your gorgeous treats stand out and really bring on the spring time feel.

So set up your table with some British class, add a little tradition, throw in some gorgeous cupcakes and some cute touches and you’re tea party will be complete and ready today, now all that is left…what do you wear?

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