iPhone Skins: Gelaskins – Stylish Way to Protect your iPhone

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Anyone who owns an iPhone will understand how protective over a mobile you can be; I’ve tried numerous cases, covers and sleeves to try and keep my gadget unscratched. My first case split, second cracked and the most recent sagged, so when Firebox announced the release of their new Gelaskins for iPhones, I jumped at the chance to try it out.

Available in four different designs; Bloom, Moon, Union Flag and The Soundtrack, Gelaskins are adhesive covers that stick to the back of your iPhone. They are made from premium grade 3M vinyl, which means you can finally customise your otherwise perfect phone, as well as protecting it with this fashionable slimline cover.

Gelaskins £9.99

It did take several tries to get the Gelaskin on to the iPhone without any bubbles and folds, but luckily enough the cover is easy enough to peel off and re-apply. Once the skin was on neat enough for my liking, the phone did look pretty good (I had The Soundtrack design) but the downfall is that it covers that beautiful shiny Apple logo that you have paid so much money for.

The price of £9.99 also gives you a free background to download, so that your screen can match the new cover design of your iPhone. Great!

The best thing about Gelaskins is that when you remove them from your phone they don’t leave the horrible gooey mess that other stickers have a habit of doing. The skin didn’t tear at all or peel at the edges, and at under £10 it won’t leave an iPhone shaped hole in your pocket.

With an amazing selection of designs to choose from, Gelaskins are definitely the future. I wonder if they will develop one big enough for the new iPad?

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