The Sealpelt: Snuggle Up Stylishly Indoors

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sealpeltRemember the Snuggle? If you do then I’m sure the word ‘interesting’ doesn’t spring to mind. Instead, I’m pretty sure shapeless and bland does. The only thing it had going for it was its undeniable comfort. But all is no longer lost, you can be lazily comfortable in style!

Introducing the Sealpelt. It costs $400, roughly £271 and is created by Vik Prjonsdottir and can be bought from Birkiland. It’s a bodysuit for ultimate relaxation and lazy days without make-up.

I could easily imagine myself curling up in one of these all-in-ones made from 100% Icelandic wool on a rainy day, I would even feel no shame in opening the door to the postman in one! I’m sure he would understand!

They come in a variety of nine different colour combinations so you can even get one in your favourite colours. There are also two with a large polka dot design that were mixed by the Danish designer Henrik Vibskov.

One actually seems like it would make you look like a giant toadstool…I think this is my favourite purely for that fact. The white one was actually used in one of his surreal runway shows.

And ok so it may make you look like a brightly coloured seal, but they live among ice and snow and don’t get cold so they must be doing something right…

They are also in the process of making a series of Sealpelts for your little ones so they can join in on the snug-fest so watch this space!

Source: Fashion Indie

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