The dress you can colour in yourself

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160 Created by fashion designer Berber Soepboer and graphic designer Michiel Schuurman, this latest trend in party dresses puts all others to shame. This special dress comes covered in an array of patterns, very nice you might think, but black and white isn’t exactly fun, which is why the dress comes with a range of coloured pens.

Each wearer will be able to colour in the white space to create a dress full of colour..and better yet, they can use colours that will match their accessories, bags and shoes. The knee length dress has a particular 1960s style about it and because the person who owns the dress has the chance to colour it in themselves, it makes them feel that they have had some say in the design of it.

The dress costs around £250 from Berber Soepboer’s website, so it is the ultimate fashion purchase and will really get people talking!



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