Top 8 Winter Warmers

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Winter has finally fully set it. There’s no getting away from it, from frost on your windscreen to your toes being constantly cold, winter is here. So to make the cold season a bit more bearable and even indulgent, we have found some great items to help keep you warm right through to spring.

1. iLogic Sound Hats, not just something to keep your head warm, it plays you music too! It has intergral speakers to fit snugly over your ears, and what is really brilliant is that no one else will be able to hear what you’re listening too.  Available in black,pink or white you’re sure to find a colour to fit any festive outfit. £14.99 from IWOOT.

Read more about the iLogic Sound Hats on Tech Styling

2. Etre Touchy, gloves with the thumb and index finger missing, allowing you to use your favourite gadgets without getting all of your other fingers cold! A great alternative to the traditional fingerless gloves, sure to revolutionise your winter dress code. £20 from Etre Touchy.

3. Cozy Feet, an answer for the cold toes problem! Hurrah! You can actually put these slippers in the microwave to heat them up before wearing, utter genius. They’re filled with wheatgrain and also a hint of lavender to stop your feet from smelling like porridge after wearing. Available in pink and purple, £12.99 from

4. The Slanket, the ultimate blanket. The best thing about this one is that it has arms! So it almost becomes a jumper that you just don’t have to put on. Perfect for lounging around on the sofa during those cold winter evenings, as for £29.95 it’s totally worth it! Order from Firebox.

5. Hot Pack Handwarmers, these are a great little invention that you can take anywhere and use whenever you need to. Just crack the metal disk in the bottom of the heart and your away! To use again simply place in boiling water until the liquid turns clear and they’re ready to use again. This set is a twin pack giving you over an hour of warmth! £7.95 from

6.USB Handwarmer, for the more techy cold-handed person. This is brilliant, all you do is charge it up through your computer for 2 hours and get over 4 hours of hand warmth! If the heart shaped one is a bit too girly for some people (aka men), then this is the perfect substitute. It looks like a completely normal USB device, you’d never know it was the secret to your hot hands. £12.99 from gadgetsquick.

7.Heart Warmer Hot Water Bottle, brilliant for those cold nights when you don’t want to leave your bed. Fill it up with hot water and let the warmth keep you snug. With a knitted cover in red a white, suitable for Christmas and all year round, bonus! £5 from

8.Bubble Bath Machine, a great solution to just not having enough bubbles in your bath this winter.  Say goodbye to endless hand swirling! All you have to do is fill it with your favourite bubble bath, click a button and get ready for some serious bubbles. Sticks easily to your tiles and comes in gorgeous candy pink. £8.28 from Find Me A Gift.


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  • Gaj

    I am desperately looking for some northface etip gloves,

    “Gripper, silicone panel on palm and index finger functions with touchscreen cell phones, laptops, and MP3 player click-wheels. Never remove your glove to switch tracks, or answer calls, again. Sleek, techy sensor on glove really keeps the world at your fingertips. Features Laptop and MP3 player click-wheel functionality Silicone gripper palms.” from amazon.

    They come in black although most pics show them in grey, brilliant goves although slightly more expensive than the Etre Touchy gloves.

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