Alexander Wang Gets Techie for Charity

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Fashion and technology collide as Alexander Wang collaborates with Samsung Galaxy Note II to create the first ever crowd sourced bag. What do you think of the concept?

Alexander Wang, with a little help from a community of fashion friends, has designed a bespoke gym bag using an amalgamation of designs sent to him from the designers’ galaxy note ii smart phones, on which they also compiled their designs.


The print was finalised by designer Alexander Wang after receiving many sketches and drawings from other designers and friends and made into a bespoke material for this gym bag. The bag will be sold to raise money for New York based charity Art Start. Art Start are a charity that use art to bring change to under-privileged communities, especially targeting 5-21 year olds to give them confidence to follow meaningful career paths.

“The abstract print really captures the energy of New York City,” the designer said. “This collaboration is a great example of how technology and style can come together in an unexpected but really meaningful way.”

The 2012 Runway To Win Launch Party

Pictured above: designer Alexander Wang

This special bag marks the second time Alexander Wang has worked with Samsung in aid of charity Art Start, as earlier this year he created a limited edition print which was applied to a bag and mobile phone cover.

“This collaboration with Wang is so exciting because it really demonstrates how technology not only enables but empowers the creative process of fashion designers, artists, and creative individuals,” said Younghee Lee, executive vice president of global marketing at Samsung.

The future of designing seems to have set its roots in technology, with advanced computing and touch screen now available at affordable prices as well as practical tablets. It seems like a great idea for an artist who may be inspired by one image in a given moment, and could sketch it out on the tablet and create designs on the go.

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