M&S Back To School 2013: Our Top 5 Essential Items

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Marks & Spencer have released a new campaign for their Back To School line for children, but what makes it so special?

M&S Back To School

The brand’s latest editorial features a variety of children and teenagers pretty much trashing their uniform and telling all you parents out there about how special their uniforms are compared to the rest. “Completely and utterly school proof” is the message M&S want to send out there.

Some of the features of their schoolwear include ‘Supercrease’ technology which ensures that trousers stay crisp even after many washes. M&S also claim that much of their items are now stainproof, meaning less hassle when it comes to washing away those troublesome stains. Non-iron fabrics save parents the hassle of ironing the uniforms time after time and for teenage girls, elastic waistbands mean that skirts can get a long wear. My favourite feature would probably have to be the velcro instead of a fiddly top button on shirts which seems like a very handy feature.

Top 5 Essentials!

Although it’s the summer holidays now, I’m sure every parent will have gone through the hassle of sorting out uniforms before school begins. Well StyleClone have made that a little easier for you as we’re going to fill you in on the top 5 items for girls and boys!

I think a good skirt is the most essential item for a girl’s uniform as it can often be difficult to find something exactly right. This permanent pleated skirt with ‘Stormwear’ repels stains and water and ensures that the pleats will remain just as nice as they were when first bought.


£10.00-£15.00: http://bit.ly/1c3Ofi4


Who needs a plain white top for school when you have ruched jersey ones instead? In stretch cotton, you can assure yourself that your child will be comfortable and won’t complain about being unfashionable with the ruched detailing. These tops also come in a pack of two which is a bargain!


£7.00-£12.00: http://bit.ly/11eyFvD


One of the biggest issues for me (and I’m sure many others) was finding decent trousers that weren’t baggy or too flared and weren’t skinny jeans. So M&S have come up with slim leg trousers for teenage girls up to 15 years old that also have ‘Stormwear’ protection… perfect!


£12.00-£19.00: http://bit.ly/1bOBY2x


This unisex cotton jumper is perfect for some back to school wear, especially as the weather will start getting colder (we can’t wait). It’s available in many colours and has ‘Stay New’ technology which means that it’ll look new for longer. Perfect for boys and girls.


£7.00-£13.00: http://bit.ly/11eA3yg


For boys, this blazer is unbeatable as looks smart and simple. It also has ‘Stormwear’ technology and resists creases.


£25.00-£29.00: http://bit.ly/1c3QYb9

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