Top Mother’s Day Jewellery Gift Ideas

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Mother’s Day is fast approaching, which means the pressure to find an amazing gift is on. Let’s face it, Hallmark holiday or not…is there a Mum out there who actually wouldn’t mind not opening a present on the 14th March? Jewellery is one of the best gift options, and we don’t mean the cheesy token mothers-day pieces from a certain high-street catalogue which she’ll never actually wear.

When choosing a piece of jewellery for your mother, or any other significant person in your life, you will want to choose something timeless that can be pulled out time and time again, but still produce that look of love-at-first-sight when it’s pulled out of the wrapping paper. And of course, something that you won’t mind borrowing every now and then!

Here are a few jewellery gift ideas to get you started:

This Fendi cuff, £185 from net-a-porter isn’t in-your-face or boringly understated. It’s one of those timeless, generation bridging pieces that will make you look fabulous whether you’re a grandmother or a teenager.

This stunning Swarovski crystal Victoria Cross brooch by Erickson Beamon, £270 is another great net-a-porter find.

‘Jules’ necklace, £20 from Monsoon. You can’t get more classic than pearls, and these pretty beads could pass for the real thing…

…but if you’re after real pearls for Mother’s Day, check out this beautiful South Sea pearl and platinum pendant from Tiffany & Co (£16,300)…

…or the more affordable Swarovski and freshwater pearl earrings by seller ‘luxedeluxe’ on etsy, $49:

This pretty cubic zirconia ring by Jon Richard at Debenhams is £10.

Hopefully you now have some ideas about what to get for Mother’s Day. Jewellery can be such a personal thing, but if you focus on classic, elegant pieces, it’s hard to go wrong!

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  • Snita

    wow love the idea of jewels as a mother’s day gift! Am going to try and go for something ‘timeless’ this time… thanks for the tips!

  • Amanda

    Jewellery always goes down well for Mothers Day gifts for both my mum and grandmothers.