Kate Moss to Pose Naked for Playboy?

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Kate Moss recently celebrated her silver jubilee, marking 25 years in the modelling and fashion industry. Over the past 25 years we have seen her on the covers of many high profile magazines, however she has never posed or should we say stripped off for Playboy. Well, this might be about to change as rumours have been circulating in the industry that Kate Moss has done a shoot for Playboy and will run in January 2014, for the magazine’s 60th anniversary issue.


It has been confirmed by not Kate or Heff but from Kate’s hairdresser, Oribe that she has already posed for Playboy. The question on everyone’s lips is if she will post naked? It wouldn’t come as a surprised as Kate Moss isn’t shy of taking her clothes off.

Remember when Kate Moss decided to strip off for the St Tropez Advert?


The list could on, so our bets are on the fact that we will see Kate Moss in Playboy posing naked. What do you think? Do you think Kate Moss is featuring in Playboy? Let us know you thought below?

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