Primark @ Asos? Is Primark Venturing into Online Retailing?

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I have to admit it. I love Primark. However, unlike many highstreet shops, Primark hasn’t ventured into online selling. Wait on…we may have spoken to soon as Primark clothes are now available to buy online for the first time through online retailing giant, Asos.  Asos is selling a ‘limited trial’ of 20 womenswear pieces from Primark.  These include prom dresses, t-shirts, denim jackets and dungarees.

So why has this come about? Well, Asos main target market are 20 something year olds, and they sell brands which appeal to this market. They feel that ‘Primark is part of that mix’ and this why this collaboration has taken place.

We have already seen Primark crop up in places like Selfridges, which usually offers clothing at very high prices. So is the retail industry shifting towards a culture where it knows that customers are also looking for affordable and fashionable clothing? It would certainly appear so because looking at items Asos are selling from Primark, the prices still remain the same as what you would find in store.

Here are some of our favourite picks…

Primark for Asos

1. Maxi Dress 2. Skater Dress 3. Dungarees 4. Parka 5. Skinny Jeans

So, with this collaboration with Asos, does the future mean that Primark will set up online? George Weston – the chief executive of Primark’s parent company, Associated British Foods – dismissed the prospect of the firm branching out into etail, arguing that customers would rather “keep toddling down to Oxford Street”.

“It is enough for us to have great fashion in good locations at the right price,” he said in April. “That simply works for us. We don’t have a problem that needs fixing.”

However, we personally thing that Primark will lag behind. Although I love shopping at Primark, I only get time to shop on the weekend and the endless queuing not to mention finding the right size can often be a nightmare, so I will welcome the online option.

What do you all think? Who wants Primark to go online? Let us know below…

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