Kate Middleton Sticks to a Strict Policy to Not Receive Free Clothes from Designers

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Kate Middleton is certainly a Royal that sticks to her principles.  Her recent decisions to not employ a housekeeper dresser for her US Royal tour or being a little budget concious by opting for highstreet rather than designer clothes certainly shows that she is a lady with her own opinion.

These opinions have also been making the fashion headline as well as her outfit choices.  Everyone wants to know what Kate is wearing, whether it is a trip to the local grocery store or attending a prestigious events. As a result this has helped to heighten the popularity of many designers, such as Issa and Alexander McQueen as well as UK highstreet retailers such as Reiss and L K Bennett.

So you would think that Kate would be getting something out her wearing a particular designer’s dress?  A freebie or discount maybe?  It does happen! Often, the way in which celebrities will endorse a particular designer is to wear a dress to a red carpet event and in return the designer offers the dress for free. However it would appear that Kate Middleton has decided not to go down that route.

According to a spokesperson for the royal couple, when asked about Prince Williams birthday bash and what Kate will be wearing, the spokesperson said that it was a secret however what has been suggested is that Kate is adamant that she will be paying for her dress and not taking freebies off designers.

Also, with the US tour kicking off shortly it has been quoted that she, “will not receive any special clothing budget for the Canada and California tour.”

So does that mean to keep the budget low the thrifty princess will only be seen in highstreet? Well, according to People magazine she is working on an agreement with designers to ‘help build her tour wardrobe’ which could suggest that certain designers have been chosen to dress her but of course not for free.

So who could the possible designers be? Well, with a strong relationship with Beckhams, I am pretty sure if anything Kate will be taking fashion tips of Victoria Beckham and you never know could be sporting her some of her designs. However one thing is for certain, expect her to be wearing her signature L K Bennett shoes.

What designers do you think will dress the Duchess for her US tour? If you were Kate would you be happy to accept free clothes from designers? Leave your suggestions below…

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