Kim Kardashian Has Sinned: The Fashion Priest Passes Judgement

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Apart from her striking good looks, bags of cash and a superstar boyfriend…Kim Kardashian is also a style icon. Whether she is on the red carpet or casually making her way to get her nails done, Kim 99% of the time seems to get it right when it comes to her fashion sense…however like any celebrity in the spotlight sometimes she does get it wrong. So who has the divine right to judge celebrities such as Kim on their fashion disasters? MyDaily have gone all saintly on us and decided to employ the Fashion Priest to judge celebrities on their fashion sins.

However, the Fashion Priest isn’t as saintly as you would expect, because celebrities beware. The divine figure of fashion is ready to pass some harsh judgement on celebrities and their fashion wrong doings! Already Kim Kardashian has felt the harsh words from the Fashion Priest as he passes judgement on Kim Kardashian’s seven deadly fashion sins, shown in this video below, so which celebrity will it be next? I am thinking Lady Gaga might be stung next by him or maybe someone else? Can any of you think of some celebrities that deserve this recognition?

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  • Qiana

    LOL! This was great!!