Ladies…Face Those Boardroom Demons!

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Living in the 21st Century, you would think that by now everything would be equal opportunities. Race? Yes. Disability? Yes. Gender? Maybe…

Now I am not going to go on a feminist rant with you, however I stumbled across this video the other day by the European Commission, promoting gender equality and it definitely hit home…

10 months ago I gave birth to a gorgeous baby girl, apart from nappies and sleepless nights, going back to the world of work was on my mind.

I am one of the lucky ones as I am my own boss, and can start work whenever I am ready however, if I was pursuing my career by working for someone else, things would definitely be a lot tougher. As a mother, as soon as you decide to go back into work, you have to decide whether to go full time or part time, arranging child care for your little darling as well as working the hours to push yourself forward in your career. Sometimes employers aren’t as sympathetic or flexible to your needs if your child is sick and you need to work from home. Under this current climate it is understandable, however the fact that us ladies can organise, communicate with people at different levels (I don’t know if baby language is relevant!), overcome difficult challenges and make decisions, make us just as worthy to be on a board of directors as much as any man. Right?

Well, it is nice to have this all on paper, however in practice this is a different story. Look at the board of directors in most corporate firms and it will be overrun with men. However this is set to change. The European Commission is making us ladies think the ‘glass ceiling’ can be broken. Oh yes, and just when you think that the European Commission is on a rampage to eliminate all men from the board room that isn’t the case. There is research to suggest that having a gender balance in the boardroom create better decision which is better for business so it is really a no brainer! Whether it is the lack of confidence or home life restrictions, it is time to put these aside and believe that us ladies can break the barrier and face those boardroom demons!

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