There’s No Finer Feeling Than Merino

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As fashion and beauty lovers, we try effortlessly to keep our skin feeling beautiful. Using many different lotions and potions to moisturise, buff and cleanse skin probably causes more harm than good, but what if we were to tell you that there is something out there that your skin would love to be wrapped in? What would you say if that particular product was not a beauty product at all, but simply Merino’s premium, luxury wool.

Merino’s ‘No Finer Feelingâ„¢’ Campaign is a five year global fibre education campaign which aims to inform consumers about the benefits and attributes of Merino wool. Although Merino wool is a favoured fibre amongst designers; the growth of disposable fashion has meant that younger consumers know little about its benefits, which this campaign aims to address by positioning Merino as the premium, luxury fibre of choice.

Merino’s luxury wool is elegant and soft to the touch, finer and lighter than ever thought possible and will make you feel a million dollars. The wool is natural, biodegradable and renewable as natural fibres are being preferenced over man-made fibres as people become more environmentally aware.

It’s important for today’s youth and society to understand the benefits of wool and in particular Merino. With their ‘No Finer Feelingâ„¢’ Campaign and campaign video (people), Merino are hoping to educate and entice fashion lovers into the world of luxury fibre.

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