Lady Gaga Splashes $55,000 for a Rucksack as a Gift to Her Beloved Taylor Kinney

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Lady Gaga has taken gift giving to a whole new level by purchasing a $55,000 designer rucksack for her boyfriend, Taylor Kinney’s birthday.

The eccentric singer’s gift choice is an exclusive rucksack designed as part of a collaboration between artist, Damien Hirst and The Row, being the Olsen twins’ fashion label. The rucksack is part of a range only available at US boutique Just One Eye. The rucksacks have polka dots or pills and definitely do beat your average rucksack, but at a $55,000 price tag, you’d hope that originality would be the least of your worries.


Kinney’s Worth It

Kinney is reportedly not a fan of expensive items such as “fast cars” or “smart suits”… maybe Gaga could have saved a little cash. However, Kinney does like his rucksacks so maybe it was a sweet gesture for the actor. Lady Gaga’s starry-eyed lover will definitely not have to worry about walking around with the same rucksack as everyone else, to be fair.

The Price Is Right For Gaga

This wouldn’t be the first time Lady Gaga has splashed her cash on some pretty expensive items. Oh no. Gaga purchased an Alexander McQueen gown worth £85,250, which was previously owned by Daphne Guinness.  When it comes to McQueen, perhaps money isn’t an issue though. Gaga has also bought 55 items belonging to Michael Jackson at an auction in Los Angeles. From the items, a jacket worn during Jackson’s Bad tour was bought for £148,000. It seems Lady Gaga has no problem with overly expensive items if they really mean something… right? Well, aside from fashion, Gaga spent over £33,000 on equipment to keep ghosts and spirits away from her. “She (Lady Gaga) believes in paranormal activity and won’t take any risks when she is on the road,” say her publicists. Excessive or rational? It seems Gaga won’t be quitting the splurging any time soon!


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