Kim Kardashian & Janet Jackson named as Peta’s most animal-unfriendly celebrities

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Fur is still a huge issue within the fashion industry and PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) are firmly against it being worn by anybody. 2011 marks the animal charity’s first ‘Celebrity Grinch Awards’ and superstars Janet Jackson and Kim Kardashian are the first two celebrities to be awarded!

Unfortunately the two haven’t been bestowed with great appreciation, but instead have received the award for being the most animal-unfriendly celebrities on the planet due to their love for wearing fur.

Janet Jackson recently collaborated with fashion label, Blackglama, creating clothing from “the highest quality mink in the world.” PETA haven’t taken very kindly to the singer’s new collection and awarded her a Grinch Award for it, while writing on their blog: “When Janet Jackson had her infamous ‘wardrobe malfunction’ during the Super Bowl, at least the flesh that popped into view was her own – unlike the stolen animal skins that she drapes herself with, which are as dead as her taste in fashion (not to mention her career).”

Unlike her sister Khloe, who appeared in her very own anti-fur advert, Kim Kardashian has also faced the wrath of PETA after being regularly spotted wearing fur. The charity wrote on their blog: “Some have speculated that Kim Kardashian’s wedding to NBA forward Kris Humphries was fake. Too bad the socialite princess doesn’t have the same enthusiasm for faking her fur. Unlike her sweet sister Khloe, who starred in her own Peta anti-fur ad, Kim just can’t seem to divorce herself from fur and say “I do” to a kind and compassionate wardrobe”

Perhaps the two Hollywood celebs will think twice about wearing fur in the future?

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