Rachel Bilson Designs Range of Shoes!

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Rachel Bilson showcasing her first design

Rachel Bilson is one of my all-time favourite style crushes. I think she is understated, is very true to her own style rather than following trends, and always looks impossibly cute. So when I heard the news that she was creating her own shoe line, I was naturally overjoyed.

Teaming up with stylist Nicole Chavez and shoe-designer Steve Madden, Bilson is set to create the line for ShoeMint.com, which will offer members a monthly selection of shoes for $79.99 each. Although the site is launching in November, it seems Bilson is the perfect walking ad for the brand – she has already been spotted wearing a pair of her ultra-high, nude Mary Jane style heels.

She said of her latest venture; “I loved the idea of designing really cute shoes that are affordable and accessible… I have the opportunity to design not just the shoes, but the full experience for our customer.”

It’s not the first time she’s gone down the designing route – in 2008, she teamed up with DKNY to produce the fashion line Edie Rose, which was made up of monochrome pieces with flashes of yellow, all retailing under $100. It seems Bilson is intent on staying with the purse-friendly theme, and compared to other outrageously over-priced celebrity fashion lines, she’s a seasoned pro in knowing what her customer wants.

ShoeMint will be part of the members-only shopping site BeachMint, which already has other celebrity influences working their magic in other departments: Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen design an exclusive T-shirt collection for StyleMint, Kate Bosworth for JewelMint and Jessica Simpson for BeautyMint.

The bad news? The site doesn’t currently ship to outside the US, so fingers crossed that BeachMint will eventually reach us Brits!

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