Timberland Earthkeeper Boot Shoe: The Eco-Friendly Boat Shoe

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I don’t know about you but my endless supply of shoes just keeps on continuing. Although I am reluctant to reveal how many pairs of shoes I actually own, I know that admittedly some of my shoes have been worn so much that sad as it may seem, deserve only one route and that is to the bin.

However, the guilt kicks because I know that my worn out and tiresome shoes will only end up in a landfill causing more harm to the environment. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a shoe out there that could be easily disassembled and recycled after you had finished with it?

Well, for all you eco friendly people who want to tread a little more lightly on the planet, let me present to you the Timberland Earthkeeper 2.0 boat shoe.

Timberland have certainly set the benchmark for green shoe technology when it comes to these boat shoes as they have been designed to be taken apart and recycled, and with summer just around the corner they provide exceptional comfort when walking.

Timberland’s Earthkeepers™ Collection includes more than 40 styles of eco-conscious footwear. The two tone styling looks great with the contrast stitching against the leather uppers.

However, what makes this shoes stand out from the rest is their green credentials. 80% of Earthkeeper Boat shoe 2.0 can be recycled or re-used. For example:

  • The leather is refurbished at the company’s factory in the Dominican Republic.
  • The Green Rubberâ„¢ soles which will go back to a Green Rubberâ„¢ factory in Georgia for recycling. Green Rubber’s patented D-Link technology effectively breaks down tyre-rubber so that it can be recycled repeatedly back into new products, including Timberland outsoles.
  • The removable metal hardware can be reused in new footwear or recycled.
  • The polyester lining can be recycled into new polyester products.

The Earthkeepr 2.0 Boat Shoes are available for men and women in a range of styles with prices varying dependant on shoe style. Check them out at Timberland.com

So if you thought that recycling old plastic bottles or even taking your bicycle to work was green enough then it’s time to think again, as the Earthkeepr 2.0 Boat Shoes will certainly make you tread more lightly on our planet!

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