Lily Allen unveils Lucy In Disguise debut collection

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If you haven’t been watching Lily’s new Channel 4 series, Lily Allen: Riches To Rags, documenting the opening of her fashion store, Lucy In Disguise, then why not? The series captures all the highs and lows of opening a store in London and we love watching Lily and her sister Sarah getting excited about all the fabulous frocks they’re planning on selling.

Their store, Lucy In Disguise, is already up and running in London’s Covent Garden and it has already enjoyed great success. Lily has now announced that she is set to launch her very own vintage collection under the Lucy In Disguise label.

Lily and her sister Sarah will team up with Nadia Jones, creative director of popular high street store Oasis, to create individual pieces for the collection. They have announced that they will take their favourite detailing from other dresses and fabrics and mix them together to create each item.

The collection will launch in July and will feature dresses named after significant people and places. For example, a Thirties inspired design will be named ‘Capone,’ while a Forties style Tea dress will be named ‘Fortnums.’

The collection will be stocked in Harvey Nichols and will then branch out to 70 other stores internationally, as well as being stocked at the Lucy In Disguise store as well as on priced between £95 to £350.

Sketches of the collection have already been released to tease and tempt potential customers!

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